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Our Implementation Plan

Fight Depression and Stress (FIDS) is a Community Based Organization (CBO), registered in Busia County, Kenya under the NonGovernmental Organization Coordination Act of 1990. FIDS was founded in June 2019 and registered in January 2020 as a result of increased stress, depression and suicide generating from all sorts of psycho-trauma evidenced in the community. The organization has been established to purposely to work towards elimination of the aforementioned cases in the future through offering of several humanitarian support to the community. These interventions include:

  • Identifying and offering counseling to the victims of stress and depression;
  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) campaigns in the Community;
  • Mentorship and capacity building among the teenage and the youth;
  • Civic education to the interior rural areas of Busia;
  • Relief distributions to the vulnerable people in the society; and
  • Team building among the selected straight up groups.

The organization is non profitable and independent which aims at achieving Sustainable Development Goal Three (SDG -3) namely Good Health and Well Being.


To champion for a stress-free community and Make the world a better place.


To reduce stress and depression to minimum level.


Future plans.

  • To expand activities to communities in and outside Busia county.
  • We aim at reducing incidences of suicides and murders caused by stress related activities.
  • To establish a rescue and counselling centers for the stress affected members in the community and at schools for the children and students.
  • To engage the youths in income generating activities and empowering women and youths with knowledge.
  • Providing grants to groups and small scale entrepreneurs who needs to fight the poverty situations affecting them.

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