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Our Areas of Coverage


Dissemination of the community on what is all about FIDS, and also let the community know the kind of factors leading to the stress and depression and ways to handle them. The process will be achievable through outreach in churches, hospitals, public forums, mosques, schools, gathering among other.


The organization also aims at mentoring the youths and the teenage and the sexually affected individuals through the encouragement of culture of speaking. The campaign will be enhanced among the community members to motivate the affected individuals to feel free to face the counselor whenever they face any sort of stress that may lead to worse act taken.

Sports and Entertainment

We are an open platform that allows all community members to participate in sports and entertainment. Through us, we nurture the community members in football, music, poem, script presentation, drama in schools, athletics among other entertainment that helps to build and grow the community.


We also help in the formation of support groups among the vulnerable family members who are affected in various ways and are not in position to raise the school funds, then support them with educational funds where needed and/or support them with the knowledge on how to innovatively raise the funds.

Community General Cleanliness

Our organization is also at the forefront in supporting the health sector to promote a clean environment through volunteering in the general community cleanliness, especially in the hospital.

Capacity building

As one of the objective o fighting stress and depression, the organization will be at the forefront in the offering of Counselling, psychosocial first aid to the immediate affected individuals, and capacity building to erase the math of scene of what they have experienced. This will mainly target the vulnerable people in the community and the disaster affected people.

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