Mental health is less dramatic than physical pain but it is more common and also more challenging to deal with. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden. It is easier to say,

‘My tooth  is aching than to say my heart is broken’. The impact of mental pain especially on the youth is unbearable.

 Fight Depression and Stress (FIDS) is a community based organisation founded in June 2019 due to increased stress, depression and suicide as a result of psychological trauma in the community. The organization was registered in January 2020, Busia county, Kenya under the Nongovernmental Organizations Coordination Act of 1990.

The main aim of FIDS is to eliminate preceding cases in the future through

Donating of several benefactor support to the community. These interventions include:

  • Identifying and offering counselling to the victims of stress and depression;
  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) campaigns in the Community;
  • Mentorship and capacity building among the teenage and the youth;
  • Civic education to the interior rural areas of Busia;
  • Relief distributions to the vulnerable people in the society; and
  • Team building among the selected straight up groups.

The organization is non profitable and independent which aims at achieving Sustainable Development Goal Three (SDG -3) namely Good Health and Well Being.

To champion for a stress-free community and Make the world a better place.

To reduce stress and depression to minimum level

Peace – We will create a conducive environment for workers, our partners and community at large.

Integrity – We will be consistent, honest, accountable and transparent in what we say and do. We will safeguard the integrity and dignity of those we serve.

Commitment- strives hard to help the society be independent whenever it comes to problem solving.

Respect –We will serve with respect, honouring the people we serve, our community, partners and one another. We will highly value the relationship we build with our community, partners, stakeholders and each other.

Service to humanity Embodying responsibility, accountability and commitment, we will faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities entrusted to us and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.

Creativity We Will identify and explore unchartered opportunities for growth and sustainability, mitigate risks and provide the best service possible.


FIDS will seek to mitigate the psycho-socio and economic impacts to the community through:

  • Dissemination of the community on what is all about FIDS, and also let the community know the kind of factors leading to the stress and depression and ways to handle them. The process will be achievable through outreach in churches, hospitals, public forums, mosques, schools, gathering among other.
  • The organization also aims at mentoring the youths and the teenage and the sexually affected individuals through the encouragement of culture of speaking. The campaign will be enhanced among the community members to motivate the affected individuals to feel free to face the counsellor whenever they face any sort of stress that may lead to worse act taken.
  • As one of the objective o fighting stress and depression, the organization will be at the forefront in the offering of Counselling, psychosocial first aid to the immediate affected individuals, and capacity building to erase the math of scene of what they have experienced. This will mainly target the vulnerable people in the community and the disaster affected people.
  • FIDS is an open platform that allows all community members to participate in sports and entertainment. Through us, we nurture the community members in football, music, poem, script presentation, drama in schools, athletics among other entertainment that helps to build and grow the community.
  • We also help in the formation of support groups among the vulnerable family members who are affected in various ways and are not in position to raise the school funds, then support them with educational funds where needed and/or support them with the knowledge on how to innovatively raise the funds.
  • Our organization is also at the forefront in supporting the health sector to promote a clean environment through volunteering in the general community cleanliness, especially in the hospital.


  • To expand activities to communities in and outside Busia county.
  • We aim at reducing incidences of suicides and murders caused by stress related activities.
  • To establish a rescue and counselling centres for the stress affected members in the community and at schools for the children and students.
  • To engage the youths in income generating activities and empowering women and youths with knowledge.
  • Providing grants to groups and small scale entrepreneurs who needs to fight the poverty situations affecting them.

FIDS rescue plan aims at revolutionizing the community. With your support we intend to reach out to more vulnerable members of the community and ensure they receive the following support:

  • Health – Our Rescue team provides psychological counselling to depressed and stressed people. FIDS also ensures that children from vulnerable families get a balanced diet by providing them with food assistance and health checkouts. We also create awareness on emerging health issues.
  • Education – Our education sponsorship program commits to ensure regular school attendance and provision of other assistance like stationery and uniforms to vulnerable school going children for their better future.
  • Guiding and counselling – Our Rescue team has got counsellors who offer guidance and counselling to the victims of depression, teenagers, addicts and the oppressed.
  • Power of speaking out – FIDS encouraged the power of speaking out because we believe that through speaking out:
  • One gets relieved
  • One can easily get help
  • One gets encouraged by discovering that other people have more serious problems than he or she has.

In our schema FIDS has used a tree. This tree bears various fruits which benefit the community:

  • Fruit of financial support – Through our financial support program we intend to reach out to the less fortunate families and support them financially.
  • Fruit of moral, social and psychosocial support – Many people in the community are undergoing Depression and Stress due to moral, social and psychological challenges but have no one to share their problems with these May lead to unexpected. FIDS has special programs that target such victims like guiding & counselling program.
  • Fruit of FIDS sponsorship – Children from disadvantaged families have the ability to learn but their families are unable to pay for their education. Through this program we intend to support a number of such children for their better future.
  • Fruit of knowledge empowerment – FIDS has also this special program through which youths and women are empowered with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for their benefit.
  • Fruit of small-scale business grand – In relation with knowledge and skills empowerment FIDS also intends to offer support to small scale businesses through grandstanding and soft loans to the community members.
  • Fruit of psychosocial support – Through this program we reach out to individuals who are victims of depression and stress giving hope for tomorrow.
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